2008 Blue Snake Blog:

Your upcoming book is a second edition release of On the Warrior’s Path. Can you describe the main objectives and concepts of the first edition? The added chapters in the second edition focus primarily on spirituality and your own journey. How do these two topics compliment or amplify the topics discussed in the first edition?

On the Warrior’s Path is about philosophy and martial arts. It’s about using martial arts as a tool to forge our spirits. Every chapter in the book begins with martial arts practice, but ultimately takes us to face the essential issues shaping who we are. Plenty of people who couldn’t care less about martial arts have enjoyed the book. In the second edition, I touch on a couple of topics that were either not discussed or discussed only in a marginal way in the first edition. The new chapters are intensely personal and very much essential to my whole philosophy. I have very much enjoyed writing the first edition, but I’m even happier with the new material.

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